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52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes


The Outdoor Society is pleased to announce the release of our brand new book, 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes. Created out of love for the region, which we call our home, Douglas and Mathias have poured their heart and soul into creating an instant classic for hikers and adventurers hoping to get to know the Olympic Peninsula even better. Finally filling the void of stunningly beautiful and informational guidebooks, 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes is the inspirational, locally written guide for which you have been searching.

Packed with full-color images, no other hiking guidebook on the market compares to the perfect mix of imagery, design and descriptions you will find in 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes. This isn’t some book published by people who have visited a region once or twice. This is a guide from Pacific Northwest resident hikers and trail runners who are found, more often than not, out on the trails of the Olympic Peninsula. This is a labor of love from two adventurers who consider their backyard to be the trails, mountains and beaches of Olympic.

With 52 of the Olympic Peninsula’s favorite hikes featured, you’ll have a trek each week of the year, letting you explore deeper into the wilderness of Olympic while seeing the very best destinations in the region. Broken up into five sections, with an overview of each section, the layout makes finding a hike in each area of the Peninsula a breeze. With the help of a unique and gorgeously simply map, combined with high-quality color pictures, the book is visually appealing, while the trail descriptions are inspiring and informative.

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