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The Definitive Guide to Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula


No trip to the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest is complete without Doug Scott’s definitive guidebook on this diverse and beautiful region. With over 400 pages of content, this book will help anyone visiting the region plan the perfect trip, and let those living in the area know more about the place they call home.

Written by an expert guide and author, this guidebook covers everything you would ever want to know about Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula. From hikes and backpacking trips, to campgrounds, museums, city and animals guides and much more, this book is sure to be your go-to resource while on the Olympic Peninsula.

Whether you want to stargaze, storm watch, beach comb, bike, swim, run or climb a mountain, the best sights, sounds and smells of Olympic are now at your fingertips. This book will blow you away with information, and is a must have for anyone interested in the beauty of Olympic National Park and Peninsula.

At 400+ pages, with 78 detailed trail descriptions, hundreds of images of locations, descriptions to lodges, campgrounds and dining, as well as a city guide around the Olympic Peninsula, this guidebook will lead you on the greatest adventure Olympic National Park has to offer.

The e-book is full color, while the paperback is currently slated to be released in black and white to keep printing costs down. If you love Olympic National Park, or interested in exploring the nearly one million acres of wilderness, this guidebook will become a favorite.

Ebook will ship immediately, but may take up to an hour for delivery, depending on servers. Paperback copies will ship after 5-7 days

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