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Road Trip: Seattle to Yellowstone


At over 220 pages and full of detailed information, planning a road trip to Yellowstone National Park has never been easier, thanks to Douglas Scott and Exotic Hike's e-book "Road Trip: Seattle to Yellowstone".

The author, Douglas Scott, has taken over 25 road trips in the last 30 years from Seattle to Yellowstone, The e-book is sure to give you the best possible advice from one of the leading experts on these roads and in Yellowstone.

Written by an expert on road trips and Yellowstone National Park, this book is your go-to-guide for making your trip the best possible adventure to America's First National Park. Covering the entire drive from Seattle to Yellowstone, we help you make important decisions for your road trip, giving you the very best stops along the way. Once inside the park, this guidebook helps you find hikes, animals, camping, food and lodging.

Book Includes:
- Detailed Campsite and Lodging Information
- Animal Viewing Guide
- National Park Etiquette
- The Best Hikes
- Best Day Trips outside the Park
- Detailed Geyser Information
- The Best Places to Eat and Drink

and much, much more!

If you are planning to drive to Yellowstone, you need this book. With nearly 200, full color images from around the park and along the road, this book will turn your road trip into lifelong memories.

NOTE: Paperback Copy Available on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Seattle-Yellowstone-Road-Douglas-Scott/dp/1500248320