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Olympic Peninsula Family Friendly Trails

$9.99 / On Sale

Exotic Hikes is pleased to announce the newest Guidebook for the Olympic Peninsula: “Olympic Peninsula Family Friendly Trails”
Created for parents, new hikers and children looking for easily accessible locations around the Olympic National Park.

With the best Olympic Peninsula hiking destinations and “Must Stop” locations, you are sure to find an area for adventurers of any age.

Content includes:
- Location links via Google Maps
- Bathroom Locations
- Recommended Ages
- Road Type
- Water Sources
- Parking
- Safety/Trail usage
- Scenery
- Trail Descriptions
- And More!

We created this book to encourage an active lifestyle for you and your family. It is never too early or too late to start walking and hiking around the Olympic Peninsula. With this book, you will find inspiration to turn off the TV and head out to nature.

With high-quality pictures, tips from teachers and a few chapters dedicated toward giving you all the information you need to be a local on the Olympic Peninsula. This book is also a great introduction to hiking!

Written as an E-book, you can now take this book with you on your phone, ipad, e-reader or laptop. By including amazing pictures for each trail and direct links to the trailhead location through Google, we make planning your weekend hike easy.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure exotichikes@gmail.com is not marked as spam in your email. Email is a pdf that can easily be put on your iPad or e-reader.